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Dr. Angela Huntsman

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"Welcome to Healthy Aging Psychology.  I help individuals manage the stress, anxiety and depression that life can bring our way. Decreasing our emotional distress not only makes us happier, but brings better health outcomes as we age. Treating our distress with medication only goes so far. Manage your distress now so it doesn't make a negative impact on your health later."                                      

- Dr. Angela Huntsman 

About Healthy Aging Psychology

The Power of Aging Well


Dr. Huntsman helps individuals, couples and families deal with the stresses of life to improve health and  longevity: Work, caring for others, health worries and memory problems. 

She specializes in reducing anxiety, stress and depression as well as improving social relationships – all proven in empirical research to promote living long and living well. 

Dr. Angela Huntsman


Dr. Huntsman is a licensed clinical psychologist with 20 years experience practicing psychology. 

She is on staff at Hoag, on clinical faculty at UCLA's Department of Geriatric Psychiatry/Longevity Center, and publishes research on motivation and distress.

"Most people are closer than they think they are to where they want to be."

Find Relief From Stress, Anxiety and Depression


Compassionate and caring, Dr. Huntsman provides a safe environment to explore the personal causes of stress in short burst therapy sessions.

Services are offered through individual sessions, seminars, and stress check in programs.

Caring and practical stress, depression and anxiety treatment in Newport Beach. 

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Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

Come take a Brain Boot Camp with Dr. Huntsman

Clinical Faculty, Department of Geriatric Psychiatry, UCLA

Learn how to sharpen your memory in one 3-hour class!

Course taught at 

UCLA's Longevity Center -  Semel Institute

Call (310) 794-6314 to sign up


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